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Thank you for even considering making contact.

Shalom and aloha.

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  1. Demetra P. Wakinekona Nichols says:

    I watch your show weekly. This last 2 weeks your show mentioned the bishop of the Coptic Christian Church visiting Hawaii. My Bible Study techer is a Coptic Christian Monk that is teaching in Hawaii on a visitor’s visa. He is in turmoil becuse of the bombing in Alexandria. That is his home church. He is presently on a silent retreat to recoup his strength that understanding of God’s will in his journey. He taught me so much in one year. I believe that he must teach Hawaii the difference between the original Church of Christ and the church that I was born into – Kawaiahao. Hawaii should learn about his church.

  2. Dear Demetra,

    How kind of you to put a note on my website. I have been traveling and am just learning how to respond so parson my delay.

    If you catch the program again my telephone number is at the end of each one.

    Is the person you spoke with Fr. Zocima? He is here on Oahu with the Coptic Orthodox group or was it Fr. Anastasi who is not in California. Anyway, give me a call so we can connect.

    Just to let you know: you are the first person to write a topical comment on my website . . . Numero Uno, as they say!



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