Current Ecumenical Activity

More information coming on OPEN TABLE, THE INTERFAITH ALLIANCE HAWAII, FORGIVENESS PROJECT, and ALL BELIEVERS NETWORK that meet monthly. In fact, my intention is to write a separate entry for each of the organizations that are shown in upper case type. That way you get the general picture from this page and the specifics from the appropriate page.

Also you will get to now about the CHURCH WOMEN UNITED, the HAWAII COUNCIL OF CHURCHES, and F.A.C.E. who have different meeting schedules.

And some organizations that I have been very connected with in previous years and now try to be connected as much as possible (only twenty four hours in the day, you know!)
PPSEAWA ( Pan Pacific South East Asian Women’s Association), URI (United Religions Initiative), VGIF (Virginia Gildersleeve International Foundation}, IFUW (International Federation of University Women), AAUW (American Association of University Women), ASM (American Society of Missiology), IAMS (International Association of Mission Studies) (Are you ready to play Scrabble?)

And then there is the very newest group to which I have been invited, begun by Rev. Dr. Mitsuo Aoki and his wife Lynn, called the Foundation for Holistic Healing. It centers around the marvelous gift which Mits Aoki gave to his students and beyond, an understanding of the mysteries and marvels of death and dying, the roots of thanatology and the marvel of a film “Living Your Dying”. More about all this later. For those who might not recognize the name of Dr. Aoki, he founded the Religion Department at the University of Hawaii. He recently made his final journey on August 14, 2001 and his celebration of life was magnificently planned and shared at Church of the Crossroads on September 18th. Friends gathered beginning at 1:00 pm prior to the service at 3:00 pm melding into a gathering in Weaver Hall for more sharing of stories. A small clip of the service made it to the evening news. It would be hard to count the lives touched by this wonderful man.

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