Joan Chatfield Interview Feb. 2010

Joan Chatfield Interview 2010 from David Tasaka on Vimeo.

At a workshop conducted at the Overseas Ministry Study Center in New Haven, CT, James Ault, award winning videographer, interviewed Joan Chatfield and sent her this wide-ranging interview of 28 minutes. The name of the course was “Digital Photography and Global Christianity”, one of the sections available to the residents at OMSC.

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Joan’s new website

With its construction in the summer of 2010, this website represents a series of slices
in my life
. . . on the planet from 1932
. . . in Maryknoll since 1950
. . . living in Hawaii since 1956 and teaching:
St. Ann’s Kaneohe from 1956-1959
St. Anthony, Wailuku Maui 1959-1967
Maryknoll High School, Honolulu 1968-1972
University of Hawaii adjunct faculty 1980 – 1984
Hawaii Loa College adjunct 1982-1986, 1991-1993
Chaminade University associate professor and
Dean of Humanities and Fine Arts 1989-1997
. . . spending time in formal education:
Manhattanville College of the Sacred Heaart, Purchase, NY
B.A. in Biology and Chemistry in 1956
University of San Francisco, California in 1968
M.A. in Theology, Early Christian Communities Studies
University of California, Berkeley
Ph.D. in Sociology of Religion in 1982

. . . and doing lots of other things which will come alive on these pages
as they develop.

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